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Fifteen years ago, I was sitting in Physics class as a high school senior. Our teacher, colloquially known as the most eccentric in the school, was on one of his weekly tangents, filling the board with charts and numbers. All we had to do, he said, was start investing a little bit now. He was, of course, talking about the power of compound interest.
We all looked at him blankly as he taught us the most important thing we could have learned in class that year. We were concerned about who was starting the varsity baseball game that evening, not how to open a brokerage account.
Maybe some of my classmates did something with that talk, but I certainly didn’t. Five years later, after graduating with an Accounting degree, I still didn’t. Soon after my wife and I we were married, we went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which helped to finally start the ball rolling. Since then, I’ve learned so much, some from years of experience in the corporate world, some from good books, and some from hard knocks. 
Who We Are

We’re a husband-and-wife team with two children who simultaneously fill our lives with joy and consternation after every dumped cereal bowl at breakfast. I (Greg) will be writing most of the posts, as financial speak bores her about as fast as 19th century British literature bores me.

My day job for the past five years is as an accounting Controller, where among other interesting things I get to build financial models and analyze data to advise senior leadership and recommend financial decisions. In a former life I wrote and produced music (landing several television advertising and sports arena placements, super fun!) and in my current life I’m thankful for a Rescuer who saved a skeptic like me

What You’ll Find On This Site:
  • I love getting to the bottom of a financial situation with cold hard numbers first, and then use those numbers to help make the decision. I’ve built several models over the years to help us make key financial decisions. I will have several of these calculators available–as soon as I’m able to polish them up–to hopefully help as many people as wish to use them.
  • While we are meticulous with our saving plans and investments, we also enjoy spending some of our money for worthwhile vacations, games, and treating family and friends. We are intentional about managing our finances — not fanatical. 
  • I love data–tracking it, analyzing it, finding patterns and trends. 
  • We appreciate products, books, and media that teach us things or expand our mind in some way, whether creatively or intellectually. 
  • We appreciate products that work well, last a long time, and do what they are supposed to do, for an inexpensive price. 
  • We appreciate the efficiency that modern conveniences like online shopping allow us, and try to use that extra time wisely with both ourselves and our children.
  • And finally, we’re convinced that the purpose of being thrifty, intelligent, and intentional with our finances is to love God and love others. This means that we prioritize giving while we also prioritize our cost savings ideas, and while we prioritize our investment strategies. We believe that we’re part of a story much bigger than ourselves. The kingdom of God is forever. The money we have today is not. 


Where To Go First

There are several areas that may be of particular interest to the first time reader here:

First, our Ten Years of Finances series, where I talk through our financial journey over the past ten years, evaluating which decisions were good and which I might now have changed with what I now know. 

Second, the Blog, where all our posts are listed in chronological order.

Third, our Recommended products page, which lists all the books, products, and materials that have been helpful for our family.

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